COD black ops 4

Revisiting the game thanks to gold and it’s definitely better than what I gave it credit for

Granted it’s probably balance updates lowering TTK and the addition of new free ops making it better but updates change the game

Op variety is nice, haven’t been hit by many seeker drones from prophet (he’s still poorly designed)

Gun variety is also nice, tactical rifles are really easy to use and they feel amazing for it. Customization is also top tier with op mods, stacking attachments, and paint jobs

Player base is…


2 days playing in a row and the most unique insult was being called Squidward

Ya cod players have worse insults than middle school students and that’s really sad and disappointing

Healing mechanic feels fresh and unique, granted that’s a subjective pleasure but it’s not bad either, allowing you to pop into a fight instantly after another but doesn’t allow you to just heal through shots.

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I don’t get why they can’t keep call of duty grounded and make a new IP with all the sci-fi stuff

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People change what they want on the fly.

Me? I’d sell my soul for a Next Gen Advanced Warfare 2.

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I’m glad they wanted WWII again

That high tech stuff makes my scrot constrict

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Ya that’s why I stop playing

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Lol Normandy was hell 😂

Skip to 4:50

I have that game

This mission is always exhilarating

No matter how many times it shows up in different games

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Ya but it’s not lore accurate, I didn’t see Captain America anywhere?


We can still hope for a marvel expansion for PHG

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Oh gosh yes! I wonder why we never got a remaster of his game on ps3 it was super awesome! 🇺🇸

Could even wear classic suit lol

Comes with jungle costume

Thompson smg

And his shield which can be tossed and used to block

Cap can also leap and smash and can sprint as fast as LMS

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Is that what your saying for Cap America Cameo for this game?


But he’s only a piece of the marvel FT

Also have Hawkeye, Blade and the Punisher

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Perfect choices 👌🏻

CoD went into a steep decline after MW2, nothing afterwards is worthy of mention.


I know it doesn’t take much to make a creative insult

Just steal some if you have to


Lol t-bag

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I haven’t even seen a t-bag yet

God the cod community is so disappointing

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