Coins for Predators and Coins for FT.

I think the Game needs Specific Coins for Predators and FT Soldiers.

The only currency is Veritanium (VT).
Why not make VT a Coin just to buy Unlockable Items for Predators, and use a Coin as Real Money for FT Soldiers ?.

This way it would be better to unlock certain items.

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No? I don’t understand what your asking so I’m just going to say no for now

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I said that to my wife once…her reaction was…unpleasant

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One type of currency is fine. And it works as it is. Just my .02

Well this game and your wife are two different animals

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Say that now…you’ve never seen her rip someone’s spine out before

I thought about it too, but youd need a whole other element to the game that you can ‘buy’.
I don’t know what that could be because of the scope of this game.

But based on other games here are my thoughts:

  1. unlockable emotes (audio chat wheel/taunt wheel additions)
  2. unlockable speed boosts (to claims or long claims)
  3. unlockable stealth kills (to be set in a a character’s settings)
  4. unlockable end cinematics ( to be set in a character’s settings)
  5. unlockable animals (to kill for the predator to replace health damage)
  6. unlockable special character classes only accessable at a high price(V-for coins then for the exchange).

Sounds hot
I can see why you married her

Stop it! Get you COD and Battlefield shit out of here, I ain’t using real money at getting digital cosmetics! Just get good son and you’ll reach 150 and earn your shit stop buying and start saving


I didn’t understand that part of having a Good Son, but Come on !.

The ideas I had were a few citing the COD. But never Battlefield.

And Why not bring ideas from other Good Games to this Game ?. All of this is with the intention of making PHG a Better Game !.

I am not suggesting bringing Real Money into the Game. If that’s what it looked like, I’m sorry.

My suggestion is simply that Predators have their Own Coins for Buying personalization items, and FT Soldiers also have their own Coins.

Today, the only currency is VT.
But what would the Soldiers use VT for?
It’s just a detail.
Then, with Soldier Money, you unlock Soldier items.
And with VT, you unlock items from Predators.

I can’t be more clear than that !.

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Pocket Gems has about 10 different currencies for War Dragons. So frustrating.

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But I am suggesting only 2 Coins.

One for Predators, and one for FT Soldiers.

Only that.

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That’s silly 2 currencies in a game where the goal is Pred tech, heck why not pick up enemy guns while we’re at it and call down air support on the enemy troops and the Predator! Lol no we can’t cuz we are not supposed to be there we are black ops, stealth is key but I am thinking of using enemy gear

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I actually think the currency system we have rn is perfect, in regards as to how literally every cosmetic in or added to base game can be bought for earned currency.

The only problem is that there’s no actually good way on how to earn it, unless you want to Level Grind with a buddy and just hit Predator over and over again while they long claim you over and over.

That or you play FT Privates + or / Dailies or Weeklies.

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