Fuck every single shitty / salty FT member in advance who are going to troll in here with “Predators can make mistakes too”, or “Pred is OP, ur just bad.”

Toxic Fireteam players opinions are to be dismissed. They don’t give a fuck about accessibility. They don’t give a fuck that this is a Predator Game and not a Predator Themed pinball game. They’re the people who set their settings to low on purpose just so they can see/spot you from across the map. Being a casual or learning predator player or being a predator player with a controller vs a keyboard or having slower reflexes because of a disability is bad enough. The way things feel, it’s like Predators are being suckered into trying predator… just to give the fireteam something that’s less boring to mulch than your unimpressive, and uninspired AI that’s been copy pasted from the most basic shooter games for decades.

The physics don’t add up, and look fucking atrocious to boot. Seeing your predator BOOOIIIINNNNNNGGG diagonally up at an unimpressive velocity that looks more like floating than jumping because you walked into something while sprinting to jump in the heat of combat is fucking PATHETIC. Getting stuck on roofs because you landed between some poorly coded shapes on top of said roof is FUCKING PATHETIC. Getting stuck in trees FUCKING PATHETIC. BOUNCING OFF SAID TREES LIKE A PINBALL. AGAIN. PATHETIC. It’s fucking dumb looking. Dumb feeling, and it’s not for any balancing reason. It’s because you fucks don’t know what you’re doing, and it’s plain to see.

I shouldn’t be surprised that there are people out there that are dismissively just saying this is okay, but it really blows my mind how shitty some of you can really be. It shouldn’t be some 80 hour training required feat to ever beat a fireteam. Get the fuck outta here with that boomer bullshit attitude. Some of us aren’t even going to live past 30 because of our problems, not that any of YOU give a fuck lol. It’s a fucking video game. None of us are badass special forces guys/gals or intergalactic aliens. Everyone should be able to have fun in a reasonably easy to grasp, and use system. This is NOT THAT.
This is a fucking shell of an unfinished game with a bunch of people who were raised by this LP. If this was something original we’d all be long gone already, and you all know that. This franchise deserves better.

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I’m not even a ft main, and I just don’t agree. Sure things need to be worked on, but to expect the game to cater to the lowest common denominator would kill it for real.

Sounds like you’ve been matched up with some sweaty pc premaids, which is not the norm by a long shot. Most ft are PS potatoes. Just practice more dude.

I agree with that bounce shit, it looks so dumb when u play as FT and see how pred bounce of trees, fences, small rocks. I’m not even surprised that no one is afraid of a predator when they see that happen lol

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I can still eliminate teams. I’ve got screens of earning 16k exp. I’m still screaming in fury while I’m doing it, because of collision bugs.

Today I experienced one I’ve only seen others complain about today. My spear is visible, but since it landed off the map it’s unretrievable.