Colonial Marines and AVP

While waiting for next update me and my friends have been hoping on pc(eww) to play these 2. Anyone interested in getting some future sessions going?

I recently went back and played AVP 2000 and 2010 again not too long ago but unfortunately, neither were as good as i remember them being. The original would still be great if it would just slow the fuck down when playing as a Predator or marine, though.


Which AVP game?


Ah can’t run that anymore. AvP2 is where it’s at 👍

Really is that on sale on steam as well?

I almost want to get an old PS2 to play Concrete Jungle again. That game may be the best Predator game there has ever been.

Unfortunately not, but i hear you can download it from the avpgalaxy site (pretty sure it was that one!)

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No but do a Google search you can download for free and people still play it

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There’s actually a cheat code you can use to adjust the timescale in AVP classic.

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I’ll need to try this out! Thanks!