Community's past idea's

I’ll repost idea’s that I think are good and should be added.

  • Remove any damage or damage resistance perks on both teams.
  • All classes should have the same perk number.
  • All perks should be reworked around the first two points, as well as more creative and indirect perks being created.
  • As you may have noticed, I have avoided thus far speaking on the class related perks. I have some ideas about them, but First I would like illfonic to update the description of the predator classes to specifically describe their passive perks, Just as the fireteam classes do.
    From @Lazycollinator

Their is so much info in Predator: a lot of improvements.


Here’s a new idea

What if predator could could remotely control their ship when FT call reinforcements to get a chance to blast it down?

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Predator sentry guns