Congrats Illfonic. You won first place in game crashing. Well don'e.

Seriously I can’t take it anymore. Ever since the last patch this game has been crashing nonstop and the framerate is getting worse also. I was trying to practice with the scout and this shit just keep happing over and over again I’d rather wait for new content until most of the bugs are fixed. Here’s some shots.

Frozed in the middle of me killing someone with the bow


Dude just get your grandpa that works at Illfonic to fix it


I hate to see what people thought of Anthem at launch.

But yeah crashing sucks, Im pretty sure its because of crossplay.

What’s funny I never had the massive bugs when playing anthem, the main thing I got were network errors that prevented me from logging in for a day or till that got fixed. Main reason I stopped playing that game was due to the lack of meaningful content.


Yeah same I had alot crashes, but apparently its being reworked soo who knows it might be good someday.

Maybe but I highly doubt how different it’ll be but who knows I mean battlefront 2 ended up becoming decent from a shilling cash grab.

Yeah Biowares working on it but its still a awhile off and by then only people that played it alot will play it again most people will moved on and wont give it a second chance, especially if you have to pay for it.

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I’m beginning to think the bow is triggering some of these crashes, as a couple of mine happened exactly as I was aiming the bow.

Considering sometimes the hits don’t register, its possible, honestly I think crossplay messed up the game bad.


I recently came to PS4 from PC and yeah the crashing on PS4 is ridiculous.

Speaking of PS4 I wouldn’t mind running with some people to get this level up.

Even with cross play disabled I’ve still had the crashes happen regardless of what weapon I’m using. I will say say it has not happened as much as it used to but I’ll still end up crashing here or there after a bunch of games.

Crossplay being implmented into server not having it off or on, since the 2.0 update.

Add me if you want, I’m usually on P:HG anywhere from 6-11. PSN tag is the same as my forum username

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Oh okay

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