Constant magical melee

Yet another game breaking Predator bug. R2 somehow activating on its own. Constant melee and slam. Totally unplayable. @Courier

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I for one feel the Meele still has tracking issues overall



It does tracking has been ass lately I don’t care cuhz I tend not to melee mainly using my disc but still

If you click r2 again during slam it’s stops it this doesn’t half to do with the game tho it’s just your controller sensers fuccing up maybe to much dust the same thing happens when running it happens randomly with any game I own not just phg

It happens then on PC AND PS… amazing lmao…

Nothing worked 🤷‍♀️

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i change my play style depending on how the ft operate…
But all the ghost hits the ft takes from pred meele but yet the predator takes all the damage done its way is such a shitty unbalnced trade off.
Idk about you players, but I’m excited but yet more nervous for this dlc/patch the 30th… i can only hope it doesn’t fuck shit up even worse… how many strikes does it take before your out?!

love the game and my dumass will still play bc i love predator, but its dookie that it mite take a year for it to fully or somewhat be a polished functional game

same here they have a lot to do, and i hope they wont hesitate to tell us if they needmore time for fix the balance of the game that could be great