Does anyone want to discuss this subject in the IT industry and ultimately scratch my brain about what it is and what it can do and what gripes I have with the technology?

That is #Kubernetes #Containerization if hashteg even works on this forum.

Its such a shrivelling topic that seems to be the hot topic in IT, but for the one hand, it may be new (in the last 10 years), it carries little weight with most people. But it seems to be the major investment made on part of the IT guys and not really anyone else but them.

I’m just wondering how many people here understand what it is and how it works and what it can do [in the future applications- whatever that may be]. And if or why it is important at all unless we live in an apocalypse and energy is scarce and people have to resort to peer to peer connections for servers.

Well you see its simple.

you know what i mean?

Yeah so basically is a more effective way to store cryptocurrencies.

nope. You can do that on any machine. I’m sure even on a vmware ridden machine. Although VMware isn’t a google standard the way a Kubernetes is now that they are making it an open source, effectively connectable from any where in the world and a more open source standardized way of doing virtual machine stuff. Bascially Kubernetes will have a standard URL protocol.

But I get what you’re saying. So yes. Its possible but i don’t know enough about Crypto currency standards.

If i noodle around with it in my head, the more it has to do with computers on Mars believe it or not and how it will allow nasa machines to communicate and function with fail safes.

That’s the future honestly. Computers on Mars.

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yeah unfortunately for us, the most closest association are home appliances, car computers that need applications to allow it to function autonomously.
I mean toaster ovens, fridgerators, lights, and shit that require some sort of database connected to one computer in the house via blutooth rather than an internet wifi.

See, all future home appliances could work off of something called a Rasberry Pi or Cotton Candy (a usb computer) but will only hook up to a singulary central computing unit which will do the heavy computations and database storaging which is far a way from the internet protocols. It can work offline (not online) and doesn’t need that internet hosting service unless it is necessary.

Basically thats how NASA computers probably work already. One device to another on mars and in between planetary bodies. Thats not to say they all don’t have a computer on each rover, but the more computers available allows for redundancies if one goes down, god for bid, because they cost so much. I mean the rovers themselves are powered by a nuclear fuel source.

But here, Google is going we are making this happen for you on the open source via Kuber and be happy and code some shit. but frankly i think its completely bullshit and a hand me down from NASA themselves.

But its also a way of going, if you’re going to have 30 light bulbs, your furnace, stove, oven, fridge, toaster, heart rate monitor, spin cycle, spitting data to a central computer to turn on and off or whatever, you’ll probably not want that shit taking your internet bandwidth.
Yes, everything will have a network IP address, they just don’t want them to upload shit or have to standardize a database to store this nonsense data from you in a data center in Arizona. They just want this hypothetical data centre to be in your own home.

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