Content of Upcoming Packages and Paid DLC's.

I Believe that Many have already realized that Illfonic has Everything Planned for the next Releases of Paid DLC Packages, right?.
But my question is: Why is it that in the Months between one Paid DLC and the next, in these Fixing Packages, They Don’t bother to Add Contents that the Community has been asking for since the Game Launch?.
I could see that on 7/19 Patch 2.23 was released. Why Wasn’t Added any Content that the Community Has Been Asking for?.
Gameplay Fixes Are Widely Needed. But the Game is POOR in Contents.
We need New Weapons and Equipment for Classes that are already in the Game.
New Customizations. It’s no use bringing New Predator Classes or New Soldier Classes, if the previously released Classes are No New Content.
I say that, because apparently, there will be 2 more New Predator Classes.
But I wonder if They will be Added with a Really Good Content!.
A Unique and Exclusive Skin Pattern; One Primary and Secondary New Weapon; Some New Equipments that is Class Related. That kind of Content.
But Classes that are already in the Game need New Equipment and Weapons.

Watch the 2 Predators be Fireteam instead.


They’re behind as a result of the I.P holders, Sony, and personal preferences.

Because approvals can take so long they have to figure out what they want to do with DLC early on and that leads to hilarious backlash like the time they got a football player instead of any of the movie or comic characters. Or that time they released Viking twice as Valkyrie with negligible differences in weapons and instead of fixing Viking did a whole new unit. This with personal preferences also meant that we’d never see any of the weapons or gear from The Predator because despite that actually being useful for a game of Hunt they decided not to because they didn’t like the movie. Say what you will about the film but a lot of those gadgets would be pretty useful but I’m sure we needed another melee weapon. /s

And frankly they’re uninterested in assisting us because Arcadegeddon is something they actually own and we’re here because of contracts. Bugs like the exfil swarm not swarming or Drones being on the ground and stationary, or even stability doesn’t matter because they bit off more than they can chew and they know it. Illfonic is a smaller company that assisted code on that one Sonic game and makes shovel ware. The trip into the big time (I guess if you can call it that) resulted in a functional game but one they didn’t want or know how to expand upon which makes sense given they’re a company that simply doesn’t do things like this.

Realistically I just hope it is two Predators so we can finally see what the deal with Cleopatra is and release Mr.Black because it’s kind of depressing the title has all of two Predators from the actual films not counting masks and Pre-order. The thing is however that game modes and maps are free and that means that somewhere along the line we’re potentially getting Gauntlet and hopefully it wont suck.

Sidenote but does anyone find it odd they haven’t done anything like CTF or a team death match? Like CTF especially given the game is setup pretty well to do that and yet we’ve only gotten Clash.


I would honestly rather have a Search and Destroy mode with limited lives. Clash has good moments but its King of the Hill & too fast paced. FT with no map actually have a pretty good foundation for a stealth game.

CTF means the flag might not ever actually get anywhere with preds in the mix. Just a bunch of stalling.

I don’t think Sony wants game modes like CTF, free for all, team death match, or Predator squad vs Predator squad. Plus I don’t think Illfonic could implement these modes in a timely fashion.

It’s just an asset flip with a mobile suitcase instead of stationary hill.
Free-for-all is cake.

On paper it might seem like an easy flip, but I doubt it’ll be that easy with the infestation of bugs Illfonic has to deal with every update.

CTF might see the return of some if not all of the Clash bugs, or worse new bugs.

then shut it all down no new modes cuz scary unfixable bugs

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That and Big Daddy Sony said “NO fun for you”

I agree

They need to pad out each release more

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