Continue forum wars here

Since everyone has voted, (I think) we shall continue eating each other here

I rather eat steak

Understandable. DEWIT

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dude you should fatten up because you depressed as fuck. complaining about the sky not being your shade of blue and shit. and wanting the mods to hold yo hand everytime someone fu fus on your day. cmon man. Nobody needs to read a wall of text. hearing you complain about them Devs not communicating… wanting them to say something so that you can have a sunny day.cmon. You think thats in their contractual obligation to give a fuck about making 1manchild happy? and lets face it, we’re all manchilds here. They would be more inclined in making adults everywhere happy by posting on their twitter. It’s embarrassing as it is to have you herer complaining and …you know not living your life.

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Thats not how that works

Nobody needs to write a wall of text as you write a walk of text.

Sorry I’m VEGAN

Where is your conjoined twin

In hell

U killed @Durbs2001 how dare you. I knew you were the evil twin