Controller: Do you use R1 or RT for firing?

Just as the title says and out of pure curiousity.

R2, theres no fkn rt on ps.
I always switch to r1 when I can, as that was the default for years and then around the time mw2 came out, r2 became the default.

Which makes no sense tbh.


I believe he meant Right Trigger

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I use R2 because RT on my Xbone controller doesn’t work with my PlayStation.

L1, R1. Aim and Fire weapon.

I only intentionally use triggers for racing games.

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Right Bump, Right Trigger

R1 and R2 stopped being used with the release of the PS3

Is an outdated numbering system that at least on PC, has been surpassed by the most logical input naming of the Xbox controller

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R2 dammit.
Its r2!!!



fuck numbers

also, fuck triangle, square, circle and cross… it’s fucking X,Y,B,A

Nintendo and Microsoft FTW

Sorry your wrong its 1,2,3,4



I know it is.
I just said what he meant…


Sega for Christ sake.

Fuuuuck you.
R2 L2.

sadly, can’t play MK with wasd. I’m not that good with a keyboard

WASD is trash, why limit yourself to 8 directions of movement when you can have 360 plus sensitive input with controller joystick?

Controller + mouse ftw!

R2 because we don’t live in the bronze age of console gaming lmao

If you use mouse, no way you’re limited…

Mouse controls head look. It’s actually my biggest problem adjusting to PC is the lack of directional movement. FT you can get away with it but Pred? God I can’t move for shit

[quote=“Fire, post:7, topic:22940, full:true”]
R2 dammit.
Its r2!!!

Americans need things to be simple, like measuring things in kindergarten ways like cups.

No wonder they can’t say R2. It’s too complex.