Correct predator noise/sounds dlc

So either an update or dlc. I’d like the proper predator noises and vision modes from the film to match.

This is one reason I rarely use Mr Black. Here’s what his vision, roars and cloaking sounds like. Even the voice mimicry is more deep and sinister.

“Heeeeelp me” remember Danny Trejo scene?

This could completely renew interest for different predators to be purchased/used.

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I get where you’re coming from, but we shouldn’t have to pay for a DLC just to get movie accurate sound effects. That should’ve came with the DLCs in the first place. This has made me even more tempted to make a video of all the DLC movie Predators with their movie accurate roars😂


Yes I know it’s sad but it’s the world we live in. Very few devs will take note from helldivers 2.

I spent 20 for dlc on that game because I wanted to. Not because I had to.

I put DLC in title hoping to get this request taken seriously. It just really feels unfinished/unpolished for me because every past predator game had this for free.

Even concrete jungle. Or you could mod it in as the source code was available to the geeks of that age (Avp 99/2000)

I’d be happy to do it for free myself just to learn something new. I remember playing with the lithrez files from avp2

Also Avp 2010 had some tools that were available to reskin the characters too.

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Wood watch. Dewit


Not sure what you mean but ok let’s get this post some attention please.

I love this game dearly. It ain’t perfect but it scratches all them itches a predator fan would want to see in a yeetja game.

I want to see it do well and see the same devs do a better sequel. 🦾🎉🎉🎉

I don’t think a sequel is coming since it’s getting a port to PS5 basically

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Hey man a guy can dream?

To be real you’re right. Won’t likely be a new pred game for awhile.

I’m sure there will be a new predator game and crossovers.

Predator is definitely coming to DBD because they already have the xenomorph Queen and Grid from AvP 1. (My guess is once Illfonic is done with PHG, so in 2 years?)

I don’t think any AvP games will come for probably another decade because it just requires too much to pull off. Especially since the AvP games were so damn perfect already imo.

If a single player predator game does happen, unfortunately we probably won’t get to play as the predator. Which can be good if it leans more towards the horror than action side of the IP

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A predator game where you play only as human could be interesting but idk.

I would like avp/predator mod for star citizen

Oh I was just talking to Vorhees, telling him I’d watch the theoretical video he mentioned. I agree with you too, it’s not the first time this has been a talking point. Rather disappointing, we were all expecting the authentic roars on release, although it took it quite a while to implement the female pred roar. On release, the female roar was the same as the male. I’m not quite sure when they added the female roar but it was a considerable stretch of time.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll eventually add the authentic roars, but there is a chance…