Could sound decoys.......?

Wondering if the sound decoys could be made to stick to the surfaces they hit?

Can’t stand trying to throw a decently placed decoy and it bounces off into a place a decoy would make zero sense in xD



While they program this function they should also make a plasma grenade/mine to flush FT out of buildings


Like that’ll ever happen lol

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No buff FT nerf pred


That’s how the FT noise maker works, it sticks to any surface but a alien with advanced technology nope it bounces

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I’ve had decoys I’ve thrown away bounce right back to me. It is rather funny, but yes, it’s very irritating when trying to make good plays. I would like a “drop” function for them. Just drop them at your current location and jump away, same thing for motions and traps.

Yes plz that would make the game more immersive