Could we have this as a mod?

The modifications added are INCREDIBLE!

Maybe down the pipeline, could we have influence over the number of Predators and ft in Hunt and Clash game modes in private match?

Could benefit future game modes like gauntlet :)


That could be a nice addition.

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With that addition and the way we can mod matches now, could really provide a large boost to the way future game modes could be produced for this game.

Heck, maybe people could be able to send these saved modes (or maybe illfonic saves the presets ppl make?)

Can turn this game into the next “Halo” customization wise.

I’m stoked!


Halo, oh yeah, I thought about that too.

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4v4 pred only clash would be the most fun I will ever have in this game… until they add the 3v12

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Go check my recent post. 2v6 is here my friend

Podrian haber mods como en skyrim, imaginen nuevos preds, poner mas sangre, etc…

I couldn’t find your post, but managed to tweak clash into a way that it is just a pred constantly spawning for both teams, removed outlines for teams and enemies and added friendly fire on.

Also dropped capture points and removed them all together, so the game is soul for kill points.

Thank you for making me think outside the box :)

That would be amazing, it’s probably easier for them to do that rather than making an official mode for it.

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We turned clash into 2 preds Vs. 6 FT lol

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