Could we start over?

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They out of office now so I say restart that thread

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“So you shouldn’t have said that.”.
Now there’s nothing missing anymore. You’ll start saying what People should and shouldn’t say in their Posts. I hope this was just a joke.
“And I could get paid more for my work.”.
What work!?. Have You Started Working in the Content Sector of the Game?!. If Yes, it already makes an Ad in the Forum for You to see how many Messages will appear in your Inbox.
Look what you’re talking about!.
My expectations should be based on what I think is Good for Me and might be Good for other Players!. Not in what is necessary for this to be done!.
My God…
You’re Confuding Adding Content with Possible New Game Modes.
Wow, leave this subject for another Posting.

I’m going to skip this part because I was speaking hypothetically. But as you like to quote anything just to say anything, whatever.

Don’t Comment.

It’s simple. If You Don’t Like the Post, Ignore It.
A Post Without Likes and Without Positive Feedbacks is already a clear reference for the Post Owner, which the Forum Members did not like.

Look Buddy, I agree.
But it’s hard not to “Fight” with the other Person when He doesn’t add anything to the Forum, and He keeps acting like he’s some kind of Sage in the matter.

What are you talking about bucko?


If you don’t want the consequences of saying it, don’t say it

There good?

Work in general

Just because “we could” doesn’t mean we should

By that logic we should expect companies to give all their money away

Bruh I see the miscommunication


that confused me and me think you wanted a new mode

You brought up the new mode

Ah yes dismissal

The best way to prove something is bad

When your tired of a conversation

You don’t tell someone else to shut up

You shut yourself up

That’s basic logic

Your conflating disagreeing and not liking

What world do you live in?

No it doesn’t

That only proves a lack of positive reception

Sometimes you need to change people’s mind

Sometimes not a lot of people see it

Sometimes the majority are wrong

Having a stance on a subject=having an ego apparently



Spaghetti means potato

Your argument is invalid

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I don’t believe. You will insist as if you were still right!.
Go Fuck you!.

By this Logic I show that I am not thinking only of Me.
And I show that I want a Game that is getting better and with more Content.
But You Don’t See that!

Oh My God…
For the Last Time, in No Time I spoke of a New Game Mode!.

Of course, by Ignoring what You said, I really proved that what You said is something Bad.

No, this is your Basic Logic.
Which You Don’t Follow!
Otherwise, this Discussion would have already ended.

Ready Then!.
Now, You need to come want to change Everyone’s Opinion and have endless discussions just because You Don’t Agree or Don’t Like the Other Person’s Idea?.

Understand this at once!.
If the person posts something here, they expect to receive Positive Responses!.
From Who Thinks the Same Thing!.
If you are against those ideas or suggestions for any reason, shove your opinions up your Ass, and stop tormenting people’s lives!.

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And one more thing.
When a Comment is sent to You, then You Respond.
The Question was asked for Me.
Not for you.

Sorry friend.
It’s that in your Commentary, You mention the fact that there is a Discussion (Fight) between Me and @Eshtion.
I agree that this only distances the Forum Members.
But It’s Hard To Have A Discussion With A Person So Ignorant, Who Insists On Not Opening His Eyes To See That Posts Are To Improve The Game!.
I believe that when someone posts an idea or Suggestion, the Post Owner wants to see Comments from those who Share the Same Idea.
Not coments from who is Against or who wants to Totally change the proposed idea.
Don’t you agree?.

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Except I didn’t

You just assume I was

But I do see how you could have thought that

And I guess indirectly I was

So yeah



Yes I’m confident in what I say

Sorry I’m not a sniveling coward

O-oh s-sorry sir for d-d-disag-g-greeing with you

Both sides argue as if they’re right because THATS A CONVERSATION

And yet it still looks selfish somehow

No I do see that

I just think your expectations are too high

You brought it up because you misunderstood my point

That’s not how that works

At all

Im happy to argue

So actually no I do follow my logic

Also you do realize how much of a jerk you sound right?


and I thought I had social issues

Yes I like to grow as a person by challenging my own ideas, help others do the same, and discuss on a public forum.




This isn’t an echo chamber dude

And you should do the same

If you need a safe space make a pillow fort




oh god you understand so little about the internet

How do you think I feel

Ah yes

More echo chambers

Seriously cancel your internet if you want a safe space

No, this is not a conversation. With You, It’s Always a Discussion.

It might not even be. But You are the Most Annoying and Most Ignorant Member of this Forum.

See, can I have a Conversation like this? I’m saying I’m not just thinking about Me, and You still say it sounds Selfish.

Whether my expectations are too high or not, who are you to judge them!?.
I already told you!. I want a Feedback from the Team of @IllFonic !.

Now it became Discussion?. I thought it was a Conversation like you had written in your 1st Reply.

If You Have Social Problems, My Condolences for You. But let’s see if You understand.
This is the last time I will try. I promise.
It’s not that I want you to always agree with me. Or with anyone else on the Forum. You may disagree. But I think the Game Hasn’t reached its True Potential.
And the Ideas must come from Everyone in the Forum.
Whether these ideas are Good or Bad is up to @IllFonic to decide.
But, in the Forum, it is good that the POSITIVE Comments are in evidence. Because the @IllFonic needs know that a large number of people liked the idea.
Now, if only two people are discussing something that has nothing in common with the proposed idea, that idea ends up being forgotten.

As You said, the Forum is Public.
If YOU like it that way, OK.
No problem.
But you need to understand that there are people who don’t like it!.
Here, You are the being Selfish!.
There are people who are on this Forum wanting to Simply Share an Idea. And don’t having a Big Discussion!.

I know that!. But a Question was asked for Me!. Not for you.
At the very least, You should have let me Answer, then Manifest.

Honestly, I try to Understand.
Me Wanting a Better Game and You Keep Insisting on Having an Endless Discussion with me for nothing.

I don’t want a Safe Space! I want the Game to Improve!. Just that!.

A. What’s the difference

B. What’s the meaningful difference that makes me wrong

Actually I’d give that crown to you

It’s funny how a conversation between two people aren’t willing to budge on their views have both of them viewing the other as ignorant

Because your not thinking about the practical affects of this on the company and just going give me

The same as I am to judge everything

By providing good arguments to prove my point

Don’t see how that affects me

Again what’s the difference

I agree too

I just think some areas are good as is

Let’s take some one who only spits out bad ideas

Illfonic never takes any of them

Then some one critisized his ideas and he realizes his ideas are bad

They could then start working on good ideas

Besides how am I actively harming you by doing this? Because “muh feelings”

And ya you lost all civility from me with your last comment

A lot of people also liked slavery

Didn’t make it good

The idea needs to be mechanically good, not just popular

No it doesn’t

When Illfonic looks at the post they see the last one they read I.E the top. Then they read the idea

Any additional viewings are because of the conversation

Your literally asking to change the entirety of the forums just for you but I’m the selfish one?

This is why people gatekeep

It takes two to tango

Doesn’t matter

Why would that matter?

And a safe space

@Eshtion the reason I’ve been quiet in this entire thread is because I’ve been biting my fakking tongue this entire time.

BUT… I’m goddamn sick of it, so here we go:

@TheKingofPredators comes into this forum high and mighty and from his posts and replies, expects everyone including IllFonic to kiss his ass the entire time. Attacking those who disagree with him, namely you, @Eshtion.

Well I’m pretty damn tired of it, so @TheKingofPredators listen well and good here: Eshtion is right, and you are wrong in this scenario. What you are expecting is from a triple A dev team like EA/DICE. IllFonic is a small indie team of roughly 15 people working on this game, whereas an AAA Developer would have a team of 30-40 people. Now, it’s good to dream and be positive for the future, but attacking other forum members for being realistic and talking about team constraints just puts you in a bad image.
Also, if someone posts on a public server, you do not expect only positive feedback. That’s not how feedback works it’s both positive and/or negative. Esh gave you constructive criticism on your goals for this game, namely about realism, and you respond by telling him to go shove it. Wrong.

Anyways that’s my 2 cents. And as always, may Fantasma be with you!


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@Eshtion and @TheSenate

For Me, that’s discussion is over.

I didn’t expect someone to Support this Absurd View.

I’ll Keep Posting My Ideas and Suggestions, because as I’ve said countless times, I want the Game to only get better.

But whatever comes from both of You, I’ll Just Ignore.

For I see we are on Opposite Lines of Thought.

The conditions under which the game’s development team operates are an important factor indeed. But I think for a Game that was released more than a year ago, the amount of Content added is far from expected.
And I think that having high expectations, and showing this team what we want for the Game, even though it may seem a little out of reality, is nothing fancy.

I think it’s better to put this idea on the table than keep it to yourself.

But, not to be more extensive, both of You can ignore me, because I will ignore both of You.







Thanks for proving his point





They’ve been constantly working on maps since launched and we’ve been receiving new classes monthly how is that not enough?

Yes it is