Could'nt do any actions as Dutch87

Just finished a game where I couldn’t heal, reload, or engage the mini game of disarming the Predator bomb as Dutch 87. Should add this was after the predator arming the bomb.

So hear me out. Not trying to be funny or what have you.

Few Questions.

Did Reinforcements happen in the game?

Was there ever a lag issue?

Console or PC?

I have a theory as to what is going on but I dont know if It can happen this way.

So if Reinforcements happed. Either you died or you reinforced ur team. That part doesn’t matter all that matters is Reinforce happened.

Then the match has to have a some sort of lag issue.

Then you were attacked by the Predator I would Presume.

So what im saying is that you died on the Predator side but you did not on ur side.

I have had this happen a few times in my PhG life cycle. And it all followed this scenario.

Happened on console, no reinforcements, and no lag.

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Mhmmm strange. Welp there goes my Theory