Crash again and again.

Here then I come to you because I do not stop crashing.
The first time I crash I use the trick of deleting the Saved folder, It worked and I no longer used the equipment that crashed the game.

Yesterday I played everything was fine and I quit the game normally.
But since this morning when I launch the game, the loading of the anti-cheat has been done and the game is closed.
And then he this relaunch, I arrive on the black screen where it is written Sony’s credits and it closes.

i tried lots of things but i don’t know what to do anymore … does anyone have a solution?


??? So your game is not crashing its just not authenticating you into the server?
Sincerely asking no judgement

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If the game crashes, I have already had an authentication error and it doesn’t look like this.
If my game doesn’t crash I wouldn’t be complaining but I’d rather be playing -_-

I tell you that the anti-cheat is finished after an interminable time.
the game crashes then this relaunch by itself.

And it definitely crashes when it hits Sony’s startup credit.

Okay i can see you are one if these type of ppl. I no longer offer my help. A simple yes or no would have sufficed. I have no idea what younare talking about with anti-cheat system. But whatever go on with your over complicated answer

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Ok so your on Pc… well I’m not sure man honestly try and clip it.