Crashing on PS4

Okay Illfonic! WTF! I’ve mentioned this problem on here before! My game crashes after 3-4 matches every time I play! This issue has been happening for the last 6 months! Almost a year. Now, Wil did respond on my last post. But the issue is still there. I know a couple of PSN players that are having the same issue! This is driving me crazy! PLEASE FIX THIS!!! The game is almost unplayable due to the issue.


They’re not fixing anything. It’s over.


Bluescreen crashes ?
Its fucccing annoying … it almost always happens on overgrowth and backwater
I’ve even blue screened 3 times in a row !

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Happens to me on any map

My PC is called PS. My game runs smooth. i don’t eunderstand your post.


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This game’s dead

If they want to revive it Sony needs to give it to Xbox and add cross play between all platforms, it’s literally the only way

A mí no me ocurre nada de eso juego en PS4 y no ocurre nada , mira si es tu dispositivo


It’s not about the platforms,it’s about that the dev don’t give a fuck anymore.

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A friend of mine gets this a lot! I rarely get blue screened, but I get the frames drop on Excavation (where it happens the most) almost every time, and I know for a fact this happens to A LOT of people. The game becomes unplayable.
I don’t think they’re fixing anything. I just will talk shit about Illfonic every chance I get


Yes. That’s when I recorded the video it was 2.3 3 patch.

well update it bitcsshs

Same, the fps drop on Excavation is nuts! It happens every time I play on Excavation with both Factions! Especially when looking up at the sky, getting shot with the plasma caster or the NRV-E Sniper. Or, just looking at specific areas on the map. I’ll even look at the scoreboard when I push the middle black pad on my PS controller. If I look up when hitting the scoreboard I’ll see my frames go from 100 to 10. Or I’ll see my ping go from 24 to 150. It’s freaking annoying!! If illfonic cared, this issue would’ve been fixed 2 weeks after the map’s release.


Bro… the frames issue has been there since the end of last year and they haven’t done anything about it. It’s ridiculous!! They really don’t give a single fuck about it.


Happens on headquarters and backwater too. Even on ps5. The games just poorly made

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Right. On Headquarters it’s not that big of a deal, but yes, it is easy to tell and it’s annoying.

The fact that no one at Illfonic appears to be responding to any of these posts is discouraging. However, Illfonic is planning to release movie tie-in DLC for Prey on Predator Hunting Grounds. Hopefully they will correct core game issues with the DLC patch.

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