Creative director on PHG, shrugs

Just dmed the head of creative regarding anything new on Phg, it boils down to they cant say anything and they probaly left it to die because of that i guess.

His instagram is:

My man doesnt know how buggy, and broken the game is. Hes deff more focused on the other games lol


what a shithead

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Information we already know?

“Not being the publisher or IP” means they’ll do stuff on the game based on the budget they are given. Seems like the budget for PHG is 0 at the moment and we cannot expect it to be assigned anything else as illfonic has failed to deliver a quality product.

Best hope is that SONY decides to move the game to another developer, like what was done with F13… though I don’t expect that to happen at all and the game will likely soon became exclusively peer-2-peer even for matchmaking, making loading times close to 5 minutes for FT and probably around 15-20 minutes for pred. At that point game will be abandoned even more.


However, the new devs might answer the communities plea for more game modes and make the que times shorter, and making the appeal of the game greater for new players

that’s not a development problem but the fact that more people queue up to play pred than FT. Is a mathematical problem. Only way devs can address that is forcing people to play random instead of choosing FT or Pred, or not allowing you to play Pred until you complete a specified amount of FT matches, which people will probably cry about if implemented.

You overestimate the brain matter inside the heads of trolls and how they think. “Fix que times on a game few play all around the world” is like asking marketing to make this game sell more or just ask people to lobby up with people in their timezone. Can I ask @YautjaSymbiote to stfu or is he just reiterating dumb shit memery of general gaming that will pretty much lower his own IQ instantly?

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Lol fuck this game and Illlfonic

Forcing people to play random is a guaranteed method of killing your asyim. Most people lean to maining one side or the other and you never get practice at killer if you only get to play it a quarter of the time.

F13 lost half its playerbase with the genius who decided there should be a 1/10 chance of playing Jason.
Brilliant move.

New devs would stroll in here on this 2 year old game and do the bare minimum. Might fix a couple bugs a year so they can stay they’re still servicing.

I can’t imagine what kind of jank ass code they’re working with for this game to feel this ass & weapons barely swap.

recycled one for sure.