Cringe ads

Okay so some ads are hilarious but what the fuck are these new ones?

Tik tok is now representing how cringe it is with it’s ads. They’re style of humor is (I’m a bitch now laugh)

No Karen you treating some one like shit isn’t funny because we’re all not psychopaths, and even the sociopaths find you to be completely shitty.

So far on my count I’ve seen a bitch taking money from their boyfriend and putting all their money torwards themselves and giving their boyfriend a ten as they wimpy say okay

This one is clearly a skit but an abusive relationship isn’t a punchline

As for the second, it’s a wife presumably (it cuts short) dying her husband’s hunting jacket during hunting season pink because she’s "ticked off)

Probably also a skit but again, acting like a bitch isn’t a punchline.

This type of stuff is unironicly what high school kids do when they write comedy for the school.