Crosshair/Hitbox problems vs fireteam while using bow/plasma/combi




thats problem is since Release xD

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On the plus side my bow accuracy has dramatically improved since seeing this


So that’s the secret, I didn’t know the game was supported by a cross-eyed.

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This was some bullshit

I know it’s stupid how it works, but i’ve managed to go around this issue.
The aim dot of the bow and the aim triangle of the plasma caster are optimized to targets at medium distance (30 to 50m) and the Predator is to our left, he is not centered in the screen…
So, if you are shooting at targets at close distance youhave to put your targets somewhere between the dot or the triangle, aim tridimensionally…
Try one more time this video again but put the FT further away from the Predator.

That would make sense, if only every other thing you aim at (like AI, permakits and ammo crates) would exhibit the same behavior. The problem is, the hitbox is wrong only for FT. Which is kinda stupid. I spent a lot of hours solo in private matches getting “target practice” on to discover that practicing like that doesn’t help me since the hitboxes are different.

I think it makes a lotta sense.
Ever happened to you trying to shoot inside a building when you are right in front of the door and the shot doesn’t go inside but you hit the wall beside the entrance?
Same principle…

Wouldn’t it be great if projectiles just went where the fuck the fucking reticle said they would? Christ.


Buff reticles
Nerf projectiles.

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I gave up on Bow after realising I apparently couldn’t aim with it and none of the arrows were hitting even though they were spot on. No wonder why I keep seeing these brain dead Preds just firing bow point blank.

Jeez I knew it was bad but damn, does anyone know if its more or less the same between PC and PS?

So I tested this with my two accounts where I had very low ping (8ms) (pred player was still the guest in the match)

The arrow does go to where the crosshair is.

So it seems the hitbox moves to the left of the FT (from pred’s perspective) only when there is a high ping issue, such as the video example above (where I had around 220ms ping)

I would expect hitboxes to be fucked up due to ping when a target is moving, but not when standing still.

FT = Hitscan
Predator = Solve for x divided by your upload speed multiplied by pi to find aiming point?

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Oh okay. Explains the difference we experience while using those weapons on pubs with low x high ping. Sometimes I look on some old matches I had which I was with terrible aiming and noticed how usually the ping was 150+ ms. That’s why predator must always host in private, some matches which I didn’t host it felt so bad.

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pretty much, though I wouldn’t say FT is hitscan. I cant snipe for shit when my ping is over 100ms