Crossplay is going back ON

@Courier @IllFonic thanks for listening.


My first match post 1.10 with crossplay back on.

I can’t obviously say for sure whether these 3 PC players would normally spam spot, but they certainly didn’t spot me when standing still from what I saw.

I felt more confident hanging around PC FT now which is cool.

Yup my aim isn’t great, but I’m trying out a low (0.3) ADS sensitivity…might put it up a notch however.

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Thanks for the feedback!
We’re always looking through the forums for feedback and discussing it internally.
Even if you don’t get a response, we’re always watching!


The game is improving patch over patch and it is super fun to play. Keep going men. 💪🏻


Thanks for thanking me for the feedback! 😆

I hope PS4 players will turn cross play on and to this end I’ve posted the above vid on Reddit stating as much.

I know you don’t need to be told this, but please remember that we are super passionate about this game and we keep posting feedback not because you are a bad dev team who has abandoned their game…but because you haven’t abandoned it and continue to update and pleasantly surprise us, like today.

I love the original Predator film and you have made in my eyes a Predator game that won’t be beaten for a very long time, if at all. I doubt I’m the only one who thinks this and our passion for your creation will continue to be here on the forum whether you talk to us or not (though a hello like this now and then from you @Courier is super cool!).

Don’t listen to the toxicity aimed at you @IllFonic, they are likely projecting and just have some maturing to do. It is easy to write hate behind a keyboard but they are also just as likely to play your game and have some laughs too…remember that.

Even if you don’t get a response, we’re always watching!

Like the Eye of Sauron? 🤔

Can you invite pc friends from ps4 yet? If not, that should be the only thing you are worried about fixing.


They’ve said it’s their number one priority on Twitter recently.

I don’t know what the problem is, but I imagine it’s Sony and Epic not playing ball.

If this case Illfonic won’t be able say as much because they are their partners and they need to remain professional at all times…even if ppl get toxic towards them.

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Did they disable turning cross play off? I can’t change my “on”

X and X again. Just checked, mine is fine.

Yep unfortunately that’s probably the case Epic and Sony are probably flipping the bird to illfonic saying “we already got our money that’s your problem”

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