Let us through those multicoloured curtins in backwater…just let us in!!!
WHy are they rock solid??


Idk man its the new tech that blocks entrance by preds and fireteam… its undeveloped tech @James-Cameron can confirm its active in his special edition

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you know man…you know.

Some of those blocked off rooms intrigue me.


OKH if you happen to read this, any chance of us being able to sit in the chairs one day, put our feet up and snipe from comfort?

I’m only half joking, sometimes I would like to sit in the chairs. It should be a long interaction to sit if you do do it, don’t want it happening by accident. A quick press to stand though.

Add buttons inside each little hut which you can interact with to open / close the curtains and doors, creating your own little war bunker.

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That makes sense …uh huh.

James Cameron done brief forcefield tests in public servers but has ultimately decided to not proceed. The shoulder dildo cannon will be out soon though.


Also, manhole covers that lead to a sewer system. Where are all the manhole covers?!


Political correctness demands they are now called person holes. Although James Cameron has yet to see a protest about the lack of gender equality in sewage work. James Cameron blocks the toilet every time he takes a dump and it’s never once been a female who showed up to fix it.

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Or a turtle for that matter

Theres that warehouse on Derailed where you can see through the windows, and there’s some interior structures but no entrance. I need to know what mysteries lie within…


They’ll add doors we can open and not tell us, lol. Be neat if they’re was a Pred weapon in a case in there. That way either side could try an get it.

Too many unanswered questions! Too many doors locked tight!

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@James-Cameron is hiding in those tight sealed doors i can smell him from miles away!

Keeping away all the goodies from us

He’s musky. Like onions with a mix of bathroom popuri.

Incorrect. James Cameron hired a turtle for this purpose after he watched the first of the modern transformers movies and almost excreted himself to death with disgust.

James Cameron knows.

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James Cameron has a different odour depending on the person who smells him. It is always something from deep in their minds that reflects their true nature.

Clearly you are sweet but you also bring tears.

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Loved when he died best day in wrestling history

That is my true nature!