So the first episode of the 5 part mini series came out a few days ago and I watched it earlier today. I have to say it’s actually pretty decent. The animation though is…ehhhhhhhhhh very bad. Everything else though was top notch and I’ll take it since it’s the closest we’ve got to a Dalek spin off series. Episode 2 looks like a banger. Can’t wait to watch that one when it comes out in 2 days.

Here it is in case you want to give it a watch.

Tom Baker is my Doctor, but I was always more of a fan of the actual Tardis when I was younger.

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Tom Baker is classic. I’ve actually seen the guy a few times lol.

I had my photo taken next to his waxwork at Madam Tussards, which obviously isn’t as good, but K9 was there as well if I remember correctly. Used to have quite a few Dr Who toys including Daleks - bet they’d be collector’s items if I still had them (though they may actually still be in my Dad’s attic).

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You should definitely check if you’ve still got them. It’d be cool to see.

I had a Tom Baker and Leia Doll, complete with Tardis, plus a collection of Daleks, and a K9 which was at a larger scale. Had a few Annuals as well.

I do still have a Tardis pencil case I used at school in a draw here. Saw it the other day while looking for something else.

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Bit late with this one, I know.

This episode is definitely the best by far. Really loving the strategist Dalek and I’m quite excited to see what they do with him in future episodes.