Damn the Halo Infinite Events are trash!

For 2 days I finally got to get to where I needed to be but only because I made it almost half way the first time the event, it’s freaking stupid that the progression system is freaking challenges 🙄

Yep, honestly I’m just bored with the game atm. I finished the battle pass and just don’t really care enough for the event. Game is fun to play but not for too long before it gets repetitive with nothing to strive for.

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Ya even the story was boring, collecting the collectibles, finding Easter eggs, lack of vehicles ya total garbage

Actually I found the campaign fun, the collectibles(audio logs) were just fluff so I could care less but I went after all the other side objectives and just loved the freedom.

After a couple of hours it started to get a bit repetitive especially since you’re in the same environment the whole game and there’s no vehicle boss battle. Would’ve loved to fight a banished scarab from HW2.

Vehicles really don’t show up until the third act and prior to that it’s a few ghosts and choppers(these things suck so bad in this game, they have no weight at all). Once you get the scorpion everything becomes a cakewalk.

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Spartan killers bro at the reverie lol (the hype was not worth it, they died like every brute I killed, should have just made them chieftains with over shields and then turn them into Berserkers charging us after we stripped their armor then let them drive vehicles like you said scarabs or some forerunner due hickey but nooooo) oh and that targeted elite driving a wraith in the swamps and no the story is absolute trash! The beginning was sick as hell though but the outcome and six months of space just to end up saved by a crazy Latino pilot who thinks he can fight Chief and cry every cutscene, then we find out Atriox is dead and the banished we are fighting are actually worn out from the Spartans on the infinity that survived cutting supply lines and slowing the banished, making it seem like we are fighting scraps! It’s like this in every Halo game 343i made are just adding new villains and not expanding on it!


  • H4: Forerunner and Tech

  • H5: Tech but now variants like Soldiers and guardians which make no sense since they are not in the lore they created in their forerunner trilogy books!

  • HInfinite: The banished (wow reskinned covenant 🙄) and the endless (them trying to hype up their own villain worse then the flood but judging by the harbinger and her little skirmish minions we don’t have anything to fear lol)

But their biggest crime is putting us on Zeta Halo from the books and it doesn’t look or have any references to it just it’s old 🙄

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not playing it but I agree with whatever @ElderPreddy says

And Atriox is like the Thanos of Halo now its ridiculous. Banished might as well be stronger than the whole Covenant

As if they’d actually kill him offscreen when they’ve been hyping him up as the unexplained chief killer for 2 games now. Atriox and chief will kill eachother so 343 can start doing a player MC. They’ve been trying to prep chiefs death ever since Halo 5’s advertising.

You have no idea how right you are just not trying to give spoilers

I want it to be Ironic like he finds out that it was a dream and he’s right we’re we left him at halo 3 ending lol

What’s silly is they won’t even explain why he’s able to 1v4 Spartans. They just run up and melee him and die while he slow walks around with his infinite intelligence and strength.
If Forge can kill a massive Arbiter with a stroke of luck, I don’t see why 4 spartans can’t coordinate to kill a brute?

Halo was never a setting with invincible leaders and supervillains.
I miss Reach and lore accurate cutscenes.

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Ok I understand why Red team lost (not lucky like MC) but with Master Chief, it felt like the whole fight with Locke thing, it was all hyped up in trailers then it sucked, it was the same freaking thing but worse Atriox pulled a Jorge lol and told Master Chief to make it count 😂🤣

Like how they did jul mdama dirty? He was the only guy I liked in the books that they hyped to but they called him a terrorist but he was freaking right! I dunno if I’m repeating myself but it was the UNSC who used the infinity to flex on the elites after ONI supplied Jul and his group to start a civil war! Humanity is evil! Hell look what they did to those poor children! They became Spartans! And the ones that ran away to go home saw they were replaced by clones and ended up committing suicide! So freaking tragic! 😭