Danny glover life matters too

The fact IllFonic have not got this guy on the phone as shocked me. He is loved by many and he was badass and stuff he cane out with was funny. They really need to get this guy in the game


I still can’t believe they got Arnold to do voice-over work. I mean it really adds a layer of authenticity polish to the game. Sure I would like Danny Glover’s voice added as well, but that’s me just being a spoiled brat. I would have thought it would have been more difficult for Illfonic to get Arnolds voice… so it does not seem impossible.

I will say Predator 2 is a great movie and the cast and lore (lots of small details) really knocks it out of the park as far as a great action flick goes. I would add that if we do get a city map FT should be able to inhale massive amounts of cocaine for damage boost but health drain.


I would love to play as him. Absolutley love Predator 2, I think Lt Harrigan is a must for a city map


People need to make a poll for him

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The only reason they got Arnold was because his son is a fan boy for the predator series and also Arnold took a percentage cut from the games sales.
That’s the only way he is ever involved in projects. By percentage

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I already did lol does nobody bother to look at my thread?? I repost it like everyday lol

That’s good intel. I wondered what strings had to be pulled to get Arnold back. But here’s to his son who is a fan (is it the one he had with his maid)?