Danny Glover?

Why are they not adding this dude to the game?


Let’s wait for next dlc’s

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bro they better bring in old Danny and young Danny and with voice lines etc like they did Arnie


It could happen!

  • Angels in the outfield.

I hope but the dlc with the hat make me think if Hawkins or dylon


old DAnny? He either had been dead for years or this:

Harrigan: “Oh, My back!”

Unless he drank from the same hootch that Dutch 2025 did. Which is alien blood. That much i doubt.

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you got the roadmap for this year ?

Harrigan did get some pred blood on his hand when he impaled the city hunter with his smart disc. Maybe some of it absorbed into his hand 🤷‍♂️ or Harrigan got picked up by Dutch/OWLF as they were in LA at the time


His character would be to old in 2025, and I doubt they would give him the same super juice they gave Dutch.

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Some purple stuff…Sunny D!

It’s a place holder picture


We aren’t actually limited by who is alive or dead let alone what age they are at any time. At least two of the Predators on the roster are confirmed dead and we have two versions of Dutch. Dutch 2025 was such a big deal given nobody ever followed up on his character since the original film. 2025 was our first time seeing him (confirmed seeing him as some things are speculated to be him) since 1987 and Dutch is still a very big part of the Predator mythos.

You could get Harrigan simply by using his appearance from Predator 2. Whether you could actually get Danny Glover’s likeness and or voice is a whole other thing entirely and is part of the hang-up as to why we can’t get certain members of Dutch’s squad. Mostly either going through the estate and getting a sound alike or that getting them might be more trouble than it’s worth.

danny glover is only one year older than arnie in real life bro

i just think if they really wanted him they could get him. hes still active on twitter etc hes only one year older than arnie and time isn’t forever and they really should get him on the phone sooner rather than later

share the place holder pic

Looked like Dylan to me.

Licensing and lore

I’m just taking about the character Mike Harrigan.

Danny Glover’s too old for this shit. Also, probably, too expensive.

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Look up the roadmap and the look at the replies that oldkinghamelt and courier gave.

The new roadmap has stock place holder images. Cause if we are going by the images on the roadmap then the next two Predators are the Jungle Hunter!