Dante has no accessories

I just purchased the Dante dlc. When I try to customise him. There is nothing under accessories. He has outfits and face paints available. I’m on PS4. Thanks.

Switch Dante to a base character. Make sure all accessories are clear. Switch back to Dante. You should be able to equip lower face coverings and eye accessories.

I switched back to my recon and dutch 87 build. cleared all accessories. Still didn’t work. I even played a quick game with the recon build and also tried closing and restarting the game.

Damn. That’s unlucky. Sorry. You might have to try some other custom slots. If that doesn’t work, hopefully it’s addressed in a future update.

I will try the other slots. The issue is not game breaking for me but let’s hope it’s fixed. Thanks for the advice.

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I got it working. I removed all accessories from all my builds. Then in the last two slots I changed my Dutch builds to Dante and the accessories appeared.

i never see dante wearing a cowboy hat or a fast helmet, or sunglasses other than his own, or a skull mask or gasmask. he’ll have face paint and thats it. Dont expect much.

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