Data use

I have a question. If I use my mobile hotspot for internet connection (my wifi broke) to play Predator: Hunting Grounds, will it take a lot of mobile data? I have only like 2GB so I dont want to ran out very fast.

Nobody cares

You can’t because Epic games detects that you’re running on a port or mobile hotspots runs on a port. You won’t even be able to connect. I’ve tried this. no dice. and it wasn’t when I was trying to play this game but another game. Running a game through a blutooth connection on epic games requires that you can at least login (which you can’t)…i can’t confirm but its probably like dial up speed but worse.

technicalities aside (latency, speed, possible IP filtering, etc.) gaming consumes around 2Mbps (0.25 MB/s) of data.

2 Gigabytes of data will be worth around 4000 seconds of play time. That’s roughly 67 minutes. A little over an hour.

Now that i recall, i could log in. ONly that i needed to download a 2gb update which sadly wasn’t going to happen. So i don’t know if you can run PHG but I think you can loogin to epic or steam or what not.