Day 1 bugs

Let’s make this thread fucking huge. I’ll start.

First video shows two bugs. Disk gets stuck in speed mode. Then once recalled, leaves the map.

Second video arrow goes way to the left of the cross hair which was right where it needed to be.

But yes, please keep releasing more paid DLC instead of making the game actually work


A smaller one, the interaction symbol disappears.

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I’d love to but don’t think I can go on man.

They could literally close the forum, and build the game from the ground up with what is already on this forum provided by everyone over rhe paat 2 years.

Get rid of the Bug Reports/Feedback threads because it just causes more problems.

And nothing gets fixed.

This is designed to be a smoldering pot of toxicity and piss people off.

I ain’t even trying to troll, just facts : /


At least we have hide and seek. Last round was a nail biter

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