DBZ Broly got ruined in Super

Like why did they make him dark and have clothes and not to
Mention he has daddy issues?

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Look at it this way my guy. Everytime they try to shitwash, I mean brownwash, a character it just means they’re saying that blacks are too inept/stupid to create their own characters and have to steal (dindu nuffin) the works of others.

They’re just admitting that “minorities” are incapable of creating their own stuff, and need the white man to offer them a crumb of their own works to keep them satisfied.

Uh dude still looks white, there’s just a lot of shading on the under half and he’s generally more tanned rather than vampire white.

Right because anime is made by white people.

Jesus fucking christ you’re fucking stupid.

Scared little bitch who loves to talk shit online.

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The thing is sayans aint white tho.
Dont know why they changed the design.

Not like it really matters too much tho.

He’s got a fuckn tan
He’s got that first grader IQ,
Plus daddy issues is understandable dad shot and made him kill his only friend


Plus his character is actually interesting and doesn’t just yell out KAKAROT every 3.5 seconds he fights because if he doesn’t he’s gonna get the belt not because goku cried alot when they were babies

Ironic coming from you

Then what are they Sayian colored?

I meant race.

Do something then bitch.

Their skin color is still relatable to white and could be considered white

Besides saying aren’t real, he’s still clearly modeled as a white guy

Some Japanese people look white, I saw a video on YouTube of how do Japanese see anime characters, and most said Japanese.

But I really dont care.
I can see it tho. He does look white.

But to me doesn’t really matter.

Crazy how goku and vegita worked so hard to get to SSG and blue just to get bodied by some new monkey in base form

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I dont like the race swap and gender swap and all that shit to main characters in cannon, like live action movies it’s kinda weird but if the actors good it can work.

But I just dont lose my entire shit over it like some people.

Cause hes the legendary super sayan.


Then he’s modeled after a Japanese guy.

That’s racist :p

No it ain’t

Well ya but that’s less fun