Dead by Daylight

Does anyone play it? What do you like and dislike about it? Would you recommend playing it?

Devs dont care about their fans so I stoped playing

It’s fun especially after the first 40 hours. But after 500 hours gets meh.

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I bought it becuase I was a fan of F13 and it seemed similar in a sense, but everyone on it is super tryhard-y. Not for more casual players

Should I wait for a sale to get it or is it worth the full price?

I like DBD and would recommend it to anyone who likes horror. Especially if you like the role of the killer. It’s just simple fun. Nothing negative to say.

It’s on sale right now. Grab it

I liked back during 2016 to 17. I personally don’t play it anymore due to the skewed balancing between Killer and Survivor teams. It’s something I hope doesn’t happen in this game.


There is no sale on the PlayStation EU store right now. Somehow the deal did not go live there for some reason, and they have been silent about it.

On Steam*

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Killers don’t really kill because they are discouraged from killing. Makes the game tryhardy. To get points you hook survivors over and over and let them escape so you can hook them again and farm them for points. Fine at low level play, at high level the game falls apart. Essentially, if you rush the team down and hook all of them you lose because that won’t get you enough points for a rank up. Really strange gameplay flow since its balanced around micromanaging xp farming to prevent killers from camping survivors. Cool perk system though. Makes me wish this game had fun mechanics like Obsession.