Dead lobby/server

I am pretty sure you already know about this issue. Public Hunt lobby countdown ends at 00 and all players are kept in lobby. Game will not start because after half minute everyone get kicked out with message Connection timeout. It happens for all players in the lobby. While counter is struck at 00 voice chat works fine. It happens at all platforms, PC Epic, PC Steam, PS4 and PS5.


Yup! Or how about 5 FT end up in the lobby and even with all players having accepted, nothing happens. I guess that somewhat makes sense since there is not a predator in the lobby, but it essentially just sits there with 5 FTs for who knows how long…

Ive had this happen a couple times as well

Just had it happened three times in a row; you can really tell this game is a labor of love with how many issues it continues to suffer from…/s

That’s only happend to me once or twice

But yeah it sucks

That too

Happening to me about 5 times in a row, only in Backwater

The sixth time’s a charm…

All day. Seriously who are the developers? I would love to meet them and see how they still have a job.

Its the Backwater map.

Just drop out immediately if it comes up because it’s still not working.

Really sucks for predator players because they wait so long for a match and there’s a possibility it comes up again the second time.

Could end up waiting 10 to 15 mins to play…

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@Kassinaillia @IllFonic That is the bug. Can you fix it or at least remove map from rotation as workaround?

Edit: Oh, I see it is already removed from public matches.