Dear Illfonic, Im not Sorry


Basically sums up PHG right now



that sadly so fucking true


Peppa Pig had me howling🤣🤣


Im thinking specialization were a test to see if the pred would still manage fighting a ft with more buffs and since there weaker than ever now, they’ll add specializations or buffs to pred to even the playing field.

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And they’ll be weak as fuck, like "Gluttonous - Eat boar at an increased speed"🤣


I hope not, if the December update doesnt bring a substantial changes im probably done.


nah they just dont know where they are going, lets face it even before the specialization FT was still horribly strong


Well yeah ft has been op for awhile, Im giving them benefit of the doubt at this point.


Gets killed by a berserker with a samurai sword while we had 2 support classes in less then a min

I dunno Predator still looks like they have some life in them


Nah I’ve written a couple of good specializations, if I can think of them so can they. I still got a little faith we’ll get a more balanced game to hold us over till spring. Still betting next update will be yuge

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For experienced FT players, almost no predator now poses a threat. The vast majority of times it just gets boring.

Problem is for noobs and when you are playing with randoms, if you face any decent predator most of the time you won’t be able to “carry the team”… and it becomes increasingly frustrating that they either don’t listen or don’t want to listen.

Now I get illfonic, the noobs potato randoms are actually the only thing keeping this game alive. They don’t want to push away that public, so they are balancing out for them, to keep them around. Problem is that in doing so, they will break it for the rest that actually communicate and interact as a team, and in doing so push that public away from the game.

I remember when I started playing this game it was frustrating and people started to partner up because otherwise it was impossible to win. I’m guessing not a lot of people did and that’s why the game has become what it is now. And the fact that the developers do not play this game at all and don’t even understand how it works. They need a community to test the game. We are all here, looking to do that job, literally for free, out of having fun. But at this point, I don’t think they even care.


Thats why we need a public test beta like dbd so the major bugs and balance issue are ironed out before official patch release.

But I really dont think they give shit at this point, 6 months in and things are still not in good shape.

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The damage buffs don’t really help potatoes and randoms much, because they aren’t in good positions to help defend teammates, they are unaware of the location of the predator using sound, and they aren’t very accurate.

The damage specializations are really just breaking high level gameplay.

I just want a separate queue for veteran Fireteams and Predators.


but they do help, something, not much, but something. Even if they are not accurate, even if they engage only when the pred in on their faces, having a damage increase is the only thing “saving” them for a while, or at least extending the match enough for them to “have fun” (they still get melted by any experienced pred).

Before the FT buffs, randoms didn’t stood a chance. Like literally, not even if you were decent. You needed a full team or at least people who were competent enough to know what they were doing or you were going to get melted.

And the game is still broken on Pred side. Katana and elder sword are still ridiculously OP. If you are playing with potatoes, all the pred has to do is target you. You can only parry so much before you are down and the potatoes are not even aware of what’s happening. Looking to the floor trying to mud up while you are having a parry fest a few meters away.

Seems like illofonic’s solution to any game balance is buffing damage. Ft bad? Increase damage, Predator bad? increase damage, AI bad, increase damage…

Soon it will become a 1 hit match for everything… it almost is already.

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I’m fairly certain that speed and health will keep potatoes alive longer than extra damage.

Also, if you stay hidden from the predator, they will attack the other players first, that’s when you come in with grenades, ARW, SAWZ50, ZR55, etc and light em up.

If you can be found by the predator easily, then you’re not really that good at fireteam.

Wasn’t the only ranged weapon that got a buff the hand held plasma caster? Then it got its firerate nerfed. Every other ranged weapon only got nerfed, except the radius of the plasma caster splash.

Increasing damage didnt help randoms and noobs in general. It just break the game because 1 good ft can solo kill the Predator 9 times out of 10 (even good Predators). Speed, hp and nerfing cloak could help randoms much more. Predator should be able to down ft with 3 arrows because no one noob will abuse of that because the Bow is the hardest weapon in the game. 99,9% of people miss all of their shot and the rest hit 1 arrow out of 4, so no reason to nerf the Bow. Combi stick nerfed was a retarded move because it was THE ONLY weapon that could help good Pred to kill premades because you could kill downed ft with one combi + 1 arrow. Now you need 5 arrows and they can pick up their friend in 1 second even in front of you. All the changes they did were bad and if in this meta someone is having difficulties to win games as fireteam (even in solo) it means he just suck so hard and he is just super bad. Ps4 vs Ps4 large advantage for ft, Pc vs Pc incredible advantage for ft. If you are from Pc and you cant win against a ps4 Predator with the new specialization perks, then , you are just denied to play video games 😂.


Hahahahaah bro why is that 100% actually gonna be one lolol

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I built my group in the early days by finding people with mics who listened, communicated, and could shoot.

It is cool to see that is how you built your crew, as well.

Well-written post, good observations.


Well said @JelouGaming. We have not always seen eye to eye before, but your post was eloquent and on point. Quad and the rest of your team are great players and I enjoyed playing them. Unfortunately, I quit the game awhile about 2 months back. The specializations being put ingame, had me finally uninstall the game. As fun as playing the FT can be, it is only one side of the game and the other is currently a 90 year geriatric with a walker who dreams of the good old days.

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