Dear Illfonic

Okay, so I know I am probably just another Meta critic but for games, but I do want to say something about Predator: Hunting Grounds. I feel there is still many things you can do with this game. I can perhaps name 1 Striking example.

If you were to make more revenue from your game, you should reach out to the community a little bit more. For starters, no more content drouts. If you want to drout content, you might as well make this game free and boost DLC pricing. Or, whichever dev is reading this can take a Critical Idea. At least for a few game modes.

1st and foremost, your game, for the very 1st 50 levels is a grind to get Berserker, and mostly every AR (Since thats like the only balanced gun in this game aside from shotguns range.) due to them practically being the games meta. So in order to make those lower leveled players ranked higher, you should make one of these 2 game modes. 1 being Jungle survival. This game mode seeks Players, all of whom have to survive 20 rounds to receive a victory. The game would encourage both Fireteam, and Predator to engage in some form of work in grinding. You would buy your weapons, and you would eventually Buy, or earn predator. Now sure, predator can be easy against bots, keep in mind 5 predators would be insane, but here is the catch. AI accuracy is increased by 4.3 percent each round, and damage is increased by 1.2 percent. If you also make most of the enemies PMC’s by higher rounds, you would have a real grind on your hands.

2nd idea would be to add a “War” gamemode, which would be a reference from a Dutch Holotape, where he says “When prey fight back, it becomes war.” This would be a bit smarter than my 1st idea, and would essentially would place Fireteam in a team of 12, and would add 4 predators. There would be an Objective for predators to recover. Each of which would be on a side of the map opposite of each other. Fireteams objective would be to Safeguard a group of Predator Technology, or a captive Yautja. Predators would have to break fireteams lines to retake these items. However, to make contingency fair, each predator would spawn far from eachother, and if more than 3 bunch together, there would be a way where energy is drained faster, and fireteam gains the OWLF trained perk automatically. For this mode, predators when downed, can be revived for the whole match, unless they are killed. Only the last predator standing can self Defuse, as well as any other downed predators can defuse. The blast radius would be severely reduced, and in order to make things easier for people to defuse, if you defuse a predators self destruct, a bag will be placed on the predators caracus, and the other predators self destruct would be increased by 20 seconds.

But hey, thats just a suggestion… a GAME suggestion. Thanks for reading!

Illfonic doesn’t take any decent advice. Maybe if you had suggested a free for all mode that doesn’t have predator at all now that they would probably do.

I agree with you but i dont agree with them keeping CLASSES as paid DLCS…

I want the classes to be free but everything else Paid… like decals, boosters