Dear UsmcReaver, ...

…after the following match you said something alike: “I’ll report that motherfucker…I knifed him twenty times…”.

May I ask, who it was, you knifed 20 times? You cannot mean me, right? I am not even sure whether I have been knifed in this match at all… Please, count again:

What are you talking about? - YouTube

– and learn to lose.

Cheers, Bonator



Shut up and feed me.

Oki dokiiii

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yeah people always be crazy in this game.
I got a guy who messaged me saying I was cheating because I one shot him, which never happened.

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There are a lot of bugs or bug like things or at least strange mechanics in this game - and if you have a huge ping, things even get stranger…

So, sometimes things can look strange - that I have to admit; it happens to me sometimes too.

But in this case said guy states, that he knifed me 20 times - but if you ask me, he even did not try it seriously once… I kept distance most time in this match - so not a lot possibilities to stab me at all :)

I was quite surprised when I heard, what he said after the game. Just a bad loser using excuses - if you ask me…

Happens, but seldom in such an aggressive way.

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