Do you think deathground will be fun? Looks really interesting this game. Wished we also had a terminator multiplayer game.

Waiting for:
Aliens Fireteam
Re verse

The one really missing is a terminator mp game

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Yeah not-jurassic park games are slowly becoming a genre now.
Prefer playable dinos though as it offers different playstyles if you’re going to go out of your way to make a game with dinosaurs in it. Co-op vs AI just isnt appealling in most cases, bots are bots and get repetitive.

ReVerse though?
Did you play the beta? It was just rolling around tables to Hunk’s theme. Some kind of surreal asset flip deathmatch fan game.
Speaking of asset flips Aliens FT is a carbon copy of World War Z and I hated World War Z.

No did not play the beta but as it came free with village I will give it a try. But looks mediocre

Looks fun. I love dinosaurs. And shooting dinosaurs. And riding dinosaurs. Damn it, just someone just do a new, good open world Turok game, kinda like a Far Cry!!!

Yes looks interesting but turok will always be my favorite dinosaur game. Absolutely love the first one. It’s fast and has more speed than the 2nd. Hope Night dive also remake the 3rd. Shadow of oblivion. Innmy Kind this one is better than turok 2 (which I also love but kinda went away from dinosaur focus)

A turok multiplayer game could also be fun

FT has too much enemies and not able to play alien hurts. I don’t think this will be fun for long

…did anyone play the beta? I’m on ps4 and it was unavailable the entire weekend it was supposedly open. Same thing happened with resistance on RE3.

Game footage looks fun for all of an hour, then pointless. Where tf is mercenaries?

It was up for like 2 days and down the rest of the time.
Chris and Claire are broken (chris has literal invincibility and cc immunity as a skill and claire just stuns and magdumps you for a guaranteed kill) and the tyrants are just rewards for dying and youre just mashing stuns the whole time.

killing the person who killed you pretty much awards the most points in the game so dying is encouraged all around.
lol strange, strange game and I tolerated raccoon city’s multiplayer

I just try because came free with village. Otherwise would not buy it looks like 3rth attempt of multiplayer is the best but still far from a good game away

Where’s the Dino Crisis reboot when you need it?

I really enjoy Jurassic world evolution 👍. Just wish it had more customization options lol

its a downgrade from operation genesis somehow

It actually is, which is astonishing, given the 13 year or so gap between two.

The only thing JWE has over JPOG is
Dino count and graphics. Thats it! IMO!

However if your playing JWE on pc, its a far better game, given that your literally dr henry wu now with all the mods you can do on your dinos and your park.

Unfortunately for this cat, he’s got a ps4 😔 lol