December free update

Illfonic, for this months update please release either a free Predator DLC or a FT DLC! We’ve only gotten 2 free Predator DLC’s since the game’s launch. I feel like you guys @illfonic owe us another.

Owe? The only thing they owe is fixing all the damn bugs in the game. At this point there’s not much they can do in terms of “new” classes. They’re better off just releasing cosmetic skins like how JH is.


For those people who experience bugs-those damn dusty fans.

Ikr get a PC instead because they don’t suffer from any bugs in this game at all, ever. Any PC player who says they’re suffering from bugs in this game is seeking attention and is more than likely a hacker or what is more commonly referred to as hackerii. PCs come with built in bug repellent so no flys or mosquitos will bug ya.

yeah its called ASUS or Nvidia. Less you be stuck with onboard video and bugs.

Snap into a slim jim mass because that makes no sense ooh yeah!