Default loadout feature.

Sometimes the matchmaking loads you in with 10 seconds to start in the lobby. A really good feature would be to give us an option in the loadout menu to set a default loudout would we want to go in with. You could do this simply by pressing square in the loadout menu to checkmark your preferred loadout.


Yup, kts annoying AF. Suprised the developers didnt fix it in the patch. It definitely needs to be fixed, just get rid of auto ready up.

Apon further review, I have discovered that you can set your default loadout by going into the loadout you want and pressing options(ps4) and setting it as your default.

Way to go making this an option devs!

On PC, the SET TO DEFAULT OPTION is at the bottom of the screen next to Change the Name of the loadout. FYI –

As everyone here has stated, you can

My question is how do I make a loadout not default without making another one default?

No way. Because the default character should be in the menu scene.