definitely looks like lobbies are glitching out again.

I keep getting loaded into lobbies with only 3 ft.
This was going on a few months back, which is a problem to que times.

I’m sitting in an empty lobby be cause the 3 that were here left.
No ft has loaded in for 3 minutes now, which knowing theres enough ft players this lobby should have filled up already.

Giving it a few more minutes.


It was happening to me all day

I dont know what causes it, but this would definitely affect que times.

I think the easiest solution would be for the matchmaking to not make a lobby until it found 5 players.

That’s the best idea I got anyway.

After 5 minutes it filled up though.
1 more had left, not sure why.

Before I know it wouldnt full up at all.
I knew ppl who waited i think 15 or 20 minutes for a pred this one time.

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I will wait longer when I play tomorrow, good chance to clean a bit at the same time

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I’m getting this as well. FINALLY got a game then this happened

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I know its annoying but lmao no tree for you.
This game is perfect lololol

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That shit cost me the two kills against what was clearly a premade. One of which was their field medic. At which point I decided fuck this nonsense. Back to Modern Warfare.🖕

Its happened once or twice to me, this needs fixing as well.

Waited ten minutes for lobby. Got infinite connecting. Waited 11 minutes for another one. Got a full lobby then one guy either leaves or gets kicked leaving me with only 3 guys to fight and the game starting in 20 seconds. This just isn’t fucking worth it.

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@Courier @OldKingHamlet


They have mentioned the issue with ppl in matchmaking is people leaving.

Could we somehow either reward players to actually stay in the lobbies and force those who choose to waste other pplz time, to have their time wasted?

I mean we have to try something… it’s been close to a year of this.

How exactly would ppl leaving affect the time in matchmaking tho?

This is a technical issue.
Something is wrong with the system.

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maybe their code trusts people should stay in the lobby once its full and doesnt attempt to fill it?

I agree, needs to be addressed.

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