Detroit Become Human

Is a freakin masterpeice.
I’m dumb founded. Finished it in like 3 days but its replayable as fuck!

I can’t believe the amount of detail that it takes to make it realistic photographically by just waiting for the shaders to load before playing but its goddamn a freakin fantastically programmed game.
The movements are mess sometimes but you cant tell the amount of effort to make it less apparent and more fluid.

Right off the bat, i can’t wait to play their other games and see what their Star Wars titles will have to offer.

The lighting in this game is absolutely stunning! Beats the hell out of any other game I’ve played.
I get the vibe that its like that other company Supermassive GaMES…

and the models, Valorie Curry which everyone says she looks alot like …(won’t say) is stunning as well as every other model in this game! I’m absolutely flabergasted in the resemblance to her in real life. I would totally recognize her if i saw her at a convention. Absolutely priceless these models are!

and aparently they all do their own voices!

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