Developers: Make jungle hunter hunter mask aval.

Shout out to the Devs, can you make the jungle hunter mask available to buy with credits, some of us didn’t have a system when the game dropped and didn’t get the chance to pre order now I’ll never feel the satisfaction from a canon Predator build without it

Bruh use the fucking elder mask, it looks the exact fucking same. Loser.


Or just rng grind it out through field lockers.


You can get it from Field Lockers?

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Yes it’s just like a 000.001% chance that you’ll get it

The elder mask is actually better its more weathered , jungle hunters looks too new in the game

You can get it from packs quit whining

Just ignore these peeps, they are probably just foreign blokes learning how to type english . they probably don’t even know what a @Finessology is.

oh no, how sad. This changes everything, better release it now



Are u the type of little child who puts a girl as their icon that probably isn’t them even if that is you I would be embarrassed to look like that and complains about jungle hunter mask

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Are you one of those people who believes they are fair and impartial and judge people by their gender and age?

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It can drop from field lockers. Elder at level 150 has a nearly identical mask, it just lacks the bullet mark, and Captured in the Hunting trio pack or whatever it’s called has his own mask that’s damaged but still a JH mask, AND JH is available as Captured (it’s literally the same model because Illfoinic could fix Wolf, but forgot to fix Captured).

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