Diablo the Man Hunter (Dark Fire Action Figure Art & Azulg) (Audio Lore)

(HEY YALL! I just wanna shout out YautjaDrak or Dark Fire Figure Art who’s a Custom NECA Figure Maker for any Predator Figure & Azulg who’s one of the top artists for not only other forms of art but mostly for their hyper realistic forms of Predator, even going so far as to be mentioned by AVP Galaxy Multiple Times! So be sure to check them out below here and in the comments.)


🚨Warning! This art of the thumbnail doesn’t belong to me and belongs to Azulg!🚨

Diablo (Man Hunter) Lore:
A member of the Dark Fire Clan’s Special Operations Division, which consists of him and his four brothers. The Man Hunter Predator is hardened veteran of many hunts that specializes in hunting human prey; humans that have defeated Yautja in the past being his primary targets. His knowledge of human nature and tactics is next to none. During his long lifetime, he has earned many nicknames by the humans he has hunted throughout history. If humans interfere with the Dark Fire Clan, they can expect a visit from the Man Hunter Predator.

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