Did something JUST happen?

Ending up in incomplete lobbies.

1 or 2 players max (sometimes empty)

Did you guys pull a plug?

@Courier @OldKingHamlet @IllFonic

Ps4. Help please.


So a lot of players are crashing

Do you really expect them to keep ramming their head against the wall?


Well there were apparently enough players for a game 10 minutes ago.

Everyone just all of a sudden log off?

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With all the crashing and bugs it wouldn’t surprise me

I refuse to even boot the game up until it’s fixed

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I’m just waiting for them to post on their socials what’s going on

They’re working on a fix

It’s bad

The worst it’s been

So it’ll be a week or so before it’s fixed

Maybe Friday at the earliest


The game literally won’t load full lobbies anymore.

: /

Wait times went down to like 2 or 3 minutes, and then lobbies were empty or partial


Mass exodus?


Yes it’s very weird


Been playing with 3 people then 2 then it got exciting, fighting a pred 2v1 he got us of course but he had to work for it Lol

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Hopefully not

Stomach is in my throat :(

Sucks since I’m mid stream too :(

It’s not fun for either side when there is no predator or it takes no effort to kill it

So the crashing and bugs are getting fix sometime this week?

The end times are upon us!


Happening for me too. I got one full lobby about an hour and a half ago. Since then it’s empty or 2 man

So I saw this about 5 minutes ago. In that time I redownloaded the game. I’m unable to get a lobby. Match making, placing, connecting, cool down. Non stop loop. Will not connect to a lobby at all.

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It’s getting a fix for sure though


Could be a sign of an impending update

Or that they’re at least working on it

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