Did something JUST happen?

Yeah it’s totally busted. Did ten cycles of cool down in FT quick play. Not even gonna try predator. Aaand deleted again 🙄

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Here’s hoping. It was too abrupt to be an exodus

Ok this makes me happy that there’s a fix coming to the game that will fix these game breaking bugs:)

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Is it confirmed to be a fix?

Not that I have seen anywhere

@OldKingHamlet @Courier @IllFonic

We good?

Do we always get a new thread when ever somebody’s matches aren’t 5/5–is there something we need to discuss? like jus restart the que! Usually --999% of the time — you will get something better. not gaurenteed though so BEWARE THIS GAME WILL SUCK YOUR SOUL OUT THROUGH YOUR NOSTRILS!!

Now about your WIFI…let me take a break now.

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I like new

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No man. It’s EVERY lobby, and wait times dropped immensely

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I couldn’t get a lobby for FT or Pred for about 15 minutes now. Non stop connecting cool down loop

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I just think people are sick of blue screens whether it happens to them or not



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Predator wait time now is 1:51

no i’m getting awesome wait times…:)

Cool. Your own personal experience doesn’t kibosh this thread.

You’ve literally came at me on 2 threads now. Pointless.

This all you do with your spare time?

If the thread doesn’t concern you, and your experience of the game why, why even bother posting?


Could the hotfix be rolling out? I think this happened to me during the 2.06 hotfix release.

Edit: (Nope. See below.)


Hope this has nothing to do with Friday the 13th’s dedicated servers being shut down :(

What a day…


We’re all hoping

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I had 3 minutes wait times today for Pred.
I never saw this before, but then again, the game never crashed from one parry before. xD

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