Disc Causing Blue Screens

Everytime I play Predator on Hunt 2/3 times I’ll get blue screened but if I play with a different weapon or class I’m good This has been pretty consistent for about a week now

Same…I’m having the EXACT same problem except it will do thing’s even worse

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Stop complaining on the disc and git gud, BTL doesn’t have these problems and neither should you guys.


Yeah it definitely sucks

Your right

I was, but almost every time we throw it, we blue screen, or it causes other issues to the game

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Do you know if there’s any correlation with the map you’re on or does it appear to occur regardless of map?

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It seems like it doesn’t matter which map it usually happens right when I’m using disc back and forth example if I’m fighting fireteam using the disc back and fourth eventually it will in the middle of the throw blue screen. I Report it each time with a recording to help

Not just the disc gapping with digital version also

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It happens regardless of the map

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Yeah it’s definitely the disc everytime I use it something horrible happens I just played a match trying out the new Celtic Class I just made and I couldn’t jump correctly I couldn’t even land any melee shots plasma shots anything then right when match ends blue screen lol 😂 it’s an absolute disaster I recommend nobody play disc atm until it’s fixed

Small personal contribution (I specify that I am on PS4.):

Yesterday, on Marigot at night, with the City Hunter 97, crash (blue screen) during a disc throw …
I was a little disappointed (mild euphemism) …

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Not only that is on the game itself

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Happens al the time right in mid throw all the sudden blue screen