DLC head fix hunting party 3.

I know scar head was already fixed but I still think they the head could still get some changes and celtic and chopper class also could use a head change since atm their using the default head while in avp 2004 all 3 had jungle hunter styled heads since their from the same clan and brothers so it would make sense for their heads to look simular.


The Scar mask is also looks horrible. It is just a reused Jungle Hunter mask. Also there is visual bug when you turn off your vision mode while in cloak mode.

It happens with the captured mask, Jungle hunter mask, Viking mask, Elder mask as well. The visual bug looks different on those.

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In general the last few updates we got before the year long pause felt rushed and unfinished, like most of the dlcs we got have glitching body textures, missing textures, re used assets etc.


As well as the mask must be different with another cheeks, nose, mark and rim. And canonical long dreadlocks.

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This DLC in general felt rushed.

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Also the mask and armor color is a total mismatch on all 3 preds. Not to mention that they didint bother to make the predlocks and the movie skins for them.