Do an optimisation pass

The game is still extremely poorly optimised - I have a 3080 and 5800X and still cant hit a solid 60fps even on low settings. In my opinion that is what kills the experience.

If the game was better optimised on PC and console a lot more people would get involved.


I run it on 50-60 fps with GTX 970 And Intel i7 3770k just with Shadows,textures And antialiasing on medium,other settings are on low. So yeah Its pooorly optimized ,with your PC Its should run on 120 fps.

Add HDR support and RTX for console

I ran this game on 5600x and RTX 3060 Ti on mostly high settings and some on cinematic, my FPS never went below 60, I never saw below 100 tbh. This game is unoptimised but even my friend with 2070 super never has below 60 fps from what I know.

This game is the PS4 version no matter what platform you play on

You have to convince them to improve these versions

Something isn’t right on your end. I run solid 90fps most of the time at high settings

Is there a hack for better fps? 🤔

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Not in the traditional sense

Come on man get to work, we need smoother gameplay.

A heckars job is never finished

I’m on it!

Until then just buy 3-4 additional graphics cards and place them unopened on top of your tower

Should do the trick

As for console peasants, I suggest slathering it in organic avocado oil based mayonnaise


I found for best results while slathering dance around it in a circle whilst shouting, “Heckarii, Heckarii, Heckarii!” Until fully slathered. Then you can enjoy your UNLIMITED (fps) POWER!!!

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Your such the innovator palps


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Until then just buy 3-4 additional graphics cards and place them unopened on top of your tower

May I also suggest overclocking the GPU and CPU using duct tape & watch? The more the better. You still have to be mindful of good airflow though. Putting the PC into your fridge might be the sweet spot.

On a more serious note. My Radeon RX 5500 XT (8 GB) runs PHG on solid 55ish FPS (I think, will check that out) on high settings FullHD with V-sync 60 FPS frame-lock enabled (old display; my GPU is for 1080p gaming anyway). I do experience occasional frame drops etc. I agree that the optimisation needs some more love from the devs.

Thanks for the replies everyone! I know Illfonic have likely seen this but I imagine they’re now mostly focused on their new game so Predator is not really a priority.

It’s a shame because with good performance this game could be top in its class. Their new game even runs a lot better so it is within their capability.

Yeah probably this. I do know that it greatly angers myself and others that the money we paid in dlc, which we thought was going back into improving this game, was used to fund IllFonic s little pet project.

My PS4 is hooked up directly to the modem, so I never experience any lagging issues

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