Do the Middle East want more from the world?

TheHolyWar want their distaster of world choas turned onto mankind only?
Because their own discipline lays in their geographic location.
you won’t see a massive ice age in the desert now, so why do they want so much stake in locations above the equator?
Thats what I don’t understand.
or is those countries above the equator wanting their oil? I doubt it.

Why are there so many Middle Easter fuckups murdering people below the equator and threatening those above it? Or are they just crazy people? So why are there so many of them immigrating here?

Are they just trying to make a business here above the equator going “i think i like it here?”

One day we will have aliens living on earth…disguised as humans, then they will declare war all of a sudden.

30 years of Elon going “were going to Mars” is what youre hearing today, but 35 years on Mars means Elon going “we are declaring war on earth”. Doesn’t any one recall the first settlers in America? The Natives were taking it easy. Then the Europeans tried to invade. That did not go so well. When our first martian settlers become cozy, there will be others following in their footsteps and they won’t take no for an answer.

The human race is incapable of a peaceful lifestyle and must constantly seek war, violence and attrition. All attempts at changing this across history inevitably failed. It’s why our hatred for each other based on color, sex, religion, any differences at all, has never gone away and is seemingly increasing as the years go by. We’ve been dealing with race issues since what, the 1800s at least? And in 2023 it’s as strong if not stronger than ever? Yeah.

Patiently waiting for the next ELE. Reduce the population to maybe several thousand at least. Start over, forget our mistakes and differences and just learn and grow as one. Or maybe all of us, let the planet regrow and flourish like it used to. Even better.

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So i’m going to nuclear fuck you up is what you’re saying? Because your ethneciy wants more in the world and hatred will connect us together even if its wrong?

I mean, evolutionarily there used to be a lot more species of the homo genus only 300000 years ago.
We either outcompeted or outright wiped all others out.

That’s why I think if there’s advanced life in our universe that’s aware of us, it’s staying the fuck away from us because of how psychotic our species is.
We just aren’t ready for contact with a more advanced species. We’d probably end up forcing them to wipe us out as a precautionary measure, however our nuclear arms are effectively a scorched earth policy that would ruin the resource rich world called earth.

I’m more than fine with wiping out the planet if it means aliens can’t have our resources.

Ah, but you gotta keep in mind: Space tiddies. I’d gladly hand over all of earth’s uranium and aluminum if it mean I got to have myself a female yautja/sangheili sandwich.

The fact is, unfortunately, that we are unlikely to find sentient extraterrestrial life we can interact with whatsoever. The first issue is finding them, or them finding us. The galaxy is, obviously, massive on an unbelievable scale. Our planet isn’t a needle in a haystack, it’s a speck of dust. The sheer weight of the odds against making first contact with another species is so ridiculously large that we’d be lucky to find bacteria. The second issue is one of how to communicate. Assuming that we somehow stumbled across a sentient civilisation that was equally or more advanced than ours, how in hell would we even begin to bridge the language gap? It’s more than likely our brains wouldn’t even be correctly constructed to interperet each other. They may communicate with electrical shocks, for instance. The third and final issue is, will our species survive long enough to invent lightspeed travel and stasis chambers usable enough to venture the galaxy and wider cosmos? I think not.