Do you kill FT players who bow down to you?

Ive had 2 games in a row where one of the FT would literally bow down to me in order to stop the bloodbath. I must be getting old cause I allowed them to leave…upon them literally saying thank you and never pointing at me for fear of dying lol. Would you do the same?

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I’ve recently had FT doing that to me. It depends on my mood if I let them live.

I had one bow to me after I decloaked in front of him while crouched on the reinforcement radio. Hope it scared him xD

Only if they try to negotiate via the voice chat.

Kill those weaklings on the spot!

slaughter them without mercy or pitty and long claim them…

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Just call me Kong, cause I bow to no one.

I got too old already… I spare them each time they bow down in front of me.

Did he really bow down to you? They usually T-bag to beg for mercy ;) You can mock them by aiming rocket launcher and let them “kiss” your hand 🤣

NO. badblooded ftw

God I fucking hate when pred or FT teabag so they can live it’s a PvP game.
So yes I do kill them

Happens every match and I kill them or give them my body.

I dont kill them but i kill their team to use it as the sacrifice of letting the guy win only.